Joe Craig | About
Joe Craig is a Westerville, Ohio based photographer specializing in wedding and portrait photography. Born and raised in the small town of Martins Ferry, Ohio, Joe grew up in the foothills of the Appalachians. Beginning at an early age, Joe found interest in photography. It all started with a small, no name, single lens, film camera that he would carry around in the forests that surrounded his home. Everything was captured with that little camera; from small salamanders he would find under rocks to the occasional small stream or waterfall he would discover while hiking through the woods. Now, quite a few years later, Joe still finds himself searching for those undiscovered treasures in those same forests whenever time permits…camera in hand.

Joe now resides in Westerville, Ohio where he, his wife, Jessica, and two sons, Tanner and Noah now call home. There isn’t that large forest right out the back door anymore, but Joe still finds himself capturing every possible moment he can with his much more updated equipment.

"I truly love capturing moments using a photojournalist style. It allows me to be unobtrusive during an event and allows me to capture moments that aren’t staged. We’ve all seen the pictures of people staring straight at the camera with a big fake smile on their face. That’s exactly NOT the type of moment I’m looking for. Real life doesn’t happen on cue. Real life doesn’t happen in a studio. Real moments don’t happen when you are watching closely or asking someone to smile. Real memories are not always perfect.

I don’t make pictures. I capture moments. I believe that portraits are about the REAL unscripted moments that touch our hearts. I’m so grateful that I get to share my passion and love for people with each and every one of you. I’m honored that I am entrusted with your once in a lifetime memories. You want to know why this works for me? I cherish each moment of your individual uniqueness as if it were my own. I focus on the emotional, candid and personal parts of you and capture moments that reflect that. I focus on real life and who you are.

It’s in the moment. It’s when a picture can say so much…more than words could ever convey.

I’m Joe. I'm not just a photographer...I’m a storyteller, Your storyteller."
-- Joe Craig